• Our Masters Grid

    Regina Spektor

    Nail Master

    Manicure technician provides nail services to customers at spas, salons and barber shops.

    Samantha Fletcher

    Hair Stylist

    Hair Stylists are specialists in hair care and hair styles of both genders. They are responsible for offering hair care services.

    Sally Mulligan


    Licensed SPA and Massage Specialist with 10 years of experience and regular requalification training participation.

    Robert Kutcher

    Male Haircut Master

    A professional who cuts, trims, and styles hair for primarily male clients, but also many women with shorter hairstyles.

    Michelle Waltz

    SPA Master

    SPA Master with degree in Psychology she really smartly unites two of her backgrounds for the customers.

    Phoebe Buffay

    Sugaring Master

    Sugaring is the whole brand new technology which is only painless when the master is really doing a good job.

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