• Loan Schemes

    Detail of Loan Scheme of the Karnal Central Coop.Bank is as under:-

    1. Crop Loans

      The Crop Loans in the mode of Kissan Credit Cards are given to the members of the PACS. The Crop Loans is given on the basis of scale of finance fixed by Agriculture Exper Committee. The maxium limit of Crop Loan is Rs. 1.50 lacs comprising Cash component as Rs. 112500 and Kind component is Rs. 37500/-. The Kisan Credit Card holders are provided with a cheque book in which both cheques of cash portion and kind portion are attached. The borrower borrows cash or kind portion by producing the conerened cheques and withdraw money or lift kind within his maxium credit limit.

    2. There are three other typs of members of PACS.

      These are Petty Shopkeepers, Rural Artisan and Agri. Labourers. The Maxium Limit of Petty Shopkeeper and Rural Artisan is Rs. 35000/- and for Agri. Labourers is Rs. 3500/- only.

    3. The Due date of above said loans is as under:-

      Loan advanced between Ist March to 31st August will be repaid upto 15th February.

      Loan advanced between Ist September to 28th Feb. will be rapaid upto 15th June.

    4. Term Loans

      There are differnet types of Term Loans detail of which is given below:

      • Term Loan for Agri. and Allied to Agriculture.
      • Term Loan in the shape of integrated Loans to Industries. Both manufacture and service units.
      • Term Loans for consumer durables and personal loans.
      • Term Loan to Salary Earner Coop. Societies.
      • Term Loan for Education.
      • Term Loan to Transport Societies, Transport Operators.
    5. Cash Credit :
      • Revolving Cash Credit to farmers for their economic and society need.
      • Cash Credit to Labour and Construction Societies.
      • Cash Credit to other Coop. Socoities for Working Capital need.
      • Cash Credit to Sugar Mills for Sugar Stock and Other Purposes.
      • Cash Credit to Salary Earner Coop. Societies.
      • Cash Credit to Traders.