• Manners

    The Board of Directors of the bank has been constituted in the following manners:-

    • Seven directors to be elected by the Primary Coop. Agri. Credit and Services Societies and Farmers Service Societies holding shares in the bank.
    • The directors to be elected by the Coop.Societies other than those in clause 28(a) above , provided that one Zone each for women and scheduled caste shall be reserved as per the provisions of section 28 of the Haryana State Coop. Societies Act, 1984. Provided further that at least one member belonging to Backward Class shall also be represented through election in the committee if their number is ten percent or more of the total membership of the society, in the manner prescribed.
    • Provided further that two professional directors having experience as specified by the Reserve Bank of India , shall be co-opted in the committee if not elected who shall have all voting rights and liabilities as that of elected directors.
    • Govt. Nominee appointed under section 29 of the Act.